Wendy J. Glenn


Neag School of Education

Professor of English Education. Storrs.

Specialties: English Education, Young Adult Literature, Teacher Education, Critical Pedagogy, Teaching Methodology, Qualitative Research

Current research:

Glenn, W. J. (In press). Space and place and the “American” legacy: Female protagonists and the discovery of self in two novels for young adults. Children’s Literature in Education.

Glenn, W. J., Ginsberg, R., & King, D. (In press). Resisting and persisting: Identity stability among adolescent readers labeled as struggling. Journal of Adolescent Research.

Recent Publications:

Glenn, W.J., & Ginsberg, R. (2016). Resisting readers’ identity (re)construction across English and young adult literature course contexts. Research in the Teaching of English.

Glenn, W.J. (2016). Vying for position: The role of sport in postcolonial young adult literature. SIGNAL: International Reading Association.

Glenn, W.J. (2016). Sport as story: Facilitating literature study in the classroom. In Developing contemporary literacies through sports: A guide for the English classroom. (Eds. A. Brown, & L. Rodesiler).

Glenn, W.J. (2015). Understanding unfamiliar literary aesthetics: White preservice teachers examine race through story. Action in Teacher Education, 37(1): 23-44.

Groenke, S., Coleman-King, C., Glenn, W., Haddix, M., Kirkland, D., Price-Dennis, D. (2015). “What if we viewed them as human?”: Disrupting and dismantling the dominant vision of youth of color.” “Youth Lens” themed issue of English Journal 104(3). 35-40..

Glenn, W.J. (2014). To witness and to testify: Preservice teachers examine literary aesthetics to better understand diverse literature. English Education 46(2): 90-116.

Glenn, W.J., & Gort, M. (2014). Preservice teachers’ evolving knowledge and practice toward linguistically- and culturally-responsive pedagogy. In T. Levine, L. Howard, & D. Moss, (Eds.), Preparing classroom teachers to succeed with second language learners: Lessons from a faculty learning community (pp. 190-218). Research in Teacher Education Series. New York: Routledge.

Contact Information
Mailing Address249 Glenbrook Road
Unit 3033 Storrs, CT 06269-3033